Thursday, December 17, 2009

Made it Through Finals!

Ahhh so first semester is officially over!! My last final was on Wednesday, I'm so glad to be done with tests. This semester flew by so fast though! So many things go on here, you just lose track of time. But I had a really great semester and a lot of fun. Studying for finals was pretty stressful, the hardest part was just staying focused. Going to the library really helps! With everyone leaving at different times depending on when their finals are over, it is really hard to focus in the dorms with people moving all their stuff for break. Although I am sad that the first semester is already over, I'm really glad to be done with tests for a while! Next semester doesn't start until the end of January, but I will be going back Jan. third for inter-session to start practicing again. Our season starts really soon, I cant wait! Well I wish everyone the best of holidays! :) See you next semester.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brockport Times

It's been a while since my last post, so I decided to put up some assorted pictures that show what I've been up to at Brockport.

These are my two roommates playing video games in the dorm. In case you've forgotten, I'm living in a triple, which is why I have two roommates. Darrel is the one on the left and Tyler is the one to the right.

This is some of my friends skating at the ice rink in Tuttle. We often go on Wednesdays, and though most of us are rather poor skaters, it's always a fun time.

These pictures are from one of our late night Walmart runs, at around two or three in the morning. If you're ever bored, a late night Walmart trip always has potential for entertainment.

Here's some pics of our Broomball team, the Hard Bananas. We had a very unsuccessful first season; we didn't win any games. In our second season, however, we were undefeated in the regular season. We failed to win it all though, as we lost in the semifinals in the playoffs.

Logan Marks

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home stretch of the first semester!

My roommates and I were commenting the other day about how fast this semester has gone. We have two more weeks of classes and then finals week. Thanksgiving break was a nice break from all the hectic tests my professors decided to give me right before break. It was nice to see family after a month or two of not being home.

So much has happened over the semester though. The Keith Anderson and Kellie Pickler concert was very memorable. Working for The Stylus paid off because I got the opportunity to interview them! Halloween was a blast - I dressed up like a cowgirl all weekend long! Time definitely flies in college. I'm meeting with a group of students in one of my classes for a presentation soon, so until then - hope the college search is going well!